Tuesday, 17 November 2015

P H A S E 0 3



entire video was taken in one shot on matinee... and all of the showers work not just the 2 I triggered on the video

from left to right: Original precedent model of Maison Cook by LeCobusier, bend and taper model, skew, stretch, bend and wave model, spherify, twist, symmetry and melt model. (modifiers used on the models)

With the bend and taper model, I wanted to give an illusion of the house being squeezed out of the space between the two existing buildings.
The skew, stretch, bend and wave model was made to make it look like it was under stress. The building appears to be struggling to hold up the weight of the pavilion that rests on top of it.
The spherify, twist, symmetry and melt model has an aesthetic that suited the pavilion with its sharp angles and aggressive stance

3ds files
pavilion files
UE4 files

(WARNING!!: each time you play the project on UE4, the matinee will be triggered and you will have to wait like 2 minutes for the video to finish and if you climb the stairs by the cliff, it will also trigger a matinee. You can disable these matinees through the level blueprint)

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