Monday, 24 August 2015

things about UE4's "Blueprint" + terminal line

1. Blue print is a form of visual scripting-CoDe students have been exposed to visual scripting before through grasshopper

2. there are 2 types of blueprints- Level blueprints, which are based on the level it is created in and Class blueprints, which is like its own actor and can be put into other projects

3. Blueprint can do the same thing is scripting lines and Unreal uses C++

4. adding references on Blueprint is similar to the contains on Grasshopper and Blueprint is context sensitive similar to grasshopper (it knows what you have highlighted/selected)

5. coloured wires represent different data in Blueprint, Grasshopper has different line types (dotted lines etc.) that represent different data


^^Messiest Grasshopper Script out^^

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