Tuesday, 28 July 2015

W1 things I've learned

Even though this is the first time i had ever used a game development program, learning a few basics wasnt as hard as i imagined. There are a handful of elements within Unreal Editor that i found were similar to other programs that i had previously used. The first similarity i noticed was with the navigation of the model space. without starting the tutorials, i figured out how to fly through the model space because it was the same to Lumion (holding right click and flying with wasd and moving up/down with q/e). in one of the early tutorials, we are shown the different ways we can navigate through the space and showed us ways to look at models in a similar way we do in other cad programs (orbiting around objects similar to most cad programs. Visual scripting also exists within unreal editor in the form of "blueprint". Us CoDe students have become familiar to visual scripting from grasshopper. The orthogonal view port and view modes resemble the view ports and view styles found within Rhinoceros but the thing i like better on unreal editor is that the views are always orthogonal, like technical drawings, they are always lined up together, whereas rhino treats these view ports as separates. the world coordinate system and local coordinate system is also used in unreal editor similar to most cad programs such as Autocad and rhino. Other features such as grid snapping systems can also be found within the editor and most cad programs, even the different windows, such as the details window, offer similar functions as the properties windows found in autocad, revit, rhino etc. The people behind unreal have made it easy to transition into their software by providing familiar functions and just an overall familiar feel to there software.

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